Hyb-Man exploits the combination of additive manufacturing (also referred to as 3D printing) and 3D integration of assembly and electronic parts. In-line testing and quality monitoring will be an integral part of the complete production chain. The resulting manufacturing process is highly flexible due to the removal of product specific tooling, no large inventory of parts or products, local production and also form freedom in production offering improved functionality and new form factors. This results in substantial business benefits, such as:

  • Faster response to changes in the market, with localised production and reduced component and tooling lead times.
  • Increased product diversity by adopting flexible manufacturing technologies.
  • Cost effective manufacturing of small series and customer centric (semi-bespoke) solutions.
  • New product designs offering improved functionality and new form factors not previously possible.

Project overview



  • To develop and integrate essential technology for hybrid 3D manufacturing meeting the real needs of industry.
  • To enable first time right production of systems with integrated mechanical and electrical functionalities.
  • To demonstrate the hybrid 3D manufacturing approach in two innovative product cases covering different applications and sectors (LED luminaires and automotive adaptive sensors).